In the SCA, like most things, you get out of it what you put in. Okewaite strongly supports our local populace being actively involved in all facets of the Society, and being members of SCA Australia Ltd.

Getting started

Look up “Okewaite” on Facebook: that’s where the day-to-day stuff happens.

Currently (Sep 2018) we have a monthly rapier training session at Exeter in the Southern Highlands — with medieval arts and sciences in the adjacent hall.

The SCA has a wealth of fantastic websites covering every conceivable area of activity.  It’s well worth spending an hour looking through the Kingdom of Lochac (SCA Australia and NZ) website.

Some general newcomer websites are:


Being an SCA member costs $35 — click here for details.

You can be involved in most SCA activities at no cost, using loaner costumes and borrowed equipment until you make your own with the help of group members. And you will be very welcome.

Members get Pegasus, a monthly email newsletter with events and information from around the kingdom.

Members are supporting the organisation that makes it all possible. Membership is important.


Okewaite has an active Facebook group; if you play with us, it’s well worth joining that.

Email lists

Make sure you join the Okewaites email list — it’s low volume.

There are a number of facebook and email groups for special interests across the kingdoms — e.g. archers, fighters, merchants, siege weapon enthusiasts, bards, pagans, … all sorts of things.  Click here for more information.  If a list is quiet, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself, and let the conversation go from there.


In addition to what we do locally, there are special interest guilds that cut across the kingdom. At their best, they are fabulous. Sometimes they are defunct or close to it. It all boils down to how interactive the members are, like all groups.

Mostly, they have a website and email list, usually with low volume.

If the guild is quiet, try to contact the leadership or send messages to the list.

Lochac guild websites can be found here.

Squires, Apprentices, Protégés

The SCA honours its exceptional fighters by making them knights of the Noble Order of the Chivalry, its leading artisans as members of the Noble Order of the Laurel, and those whose service to the Society is exceptional may become members of the Noble Order of the Pelican.

These people are all peers of the realm, and mostly they are keen to teach their skills to others.

Their premier students become squires to a Knight, apprentices to a Laurel, and/or protégés to a Pelican. It’s best if you form a bond with the peer first, but it’s always OK to express an interest in becoming one of these things. It can be a great way to take your interests to a new level, and to meet others in that field.

There are currently two peers in Okewaite. Master Cristoval and Master John of the Hills, both Pelicans. There are plenty more elsewhere in nearby groups. The peerage websites listed above can help find nearby peers with similar interests. Ask an experienced person in the SCA to introduce you to them, or seek them out yourself.


Various cross-kingdom and inter-kingdom competitions are held in the SCA, like the kingdom arts and sciences competition and the Lochac and Inter-Kingdom archery competitions.

Okewaite, again, encourages our populace to support these things. Participating strengthens the kingdom, and our little group within it.


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