Twelfth Night

January 17, 2010 at 12:43 am 1 comment

Over 8-10 January 2010, we ran the kingdom Coronation event. We did this event because none of the SCA groups bid to do it, and we thought Goulburn would be a neat place to have an event.

There were about 200 people there on the Saturday, when it was 34 degrees.  (Why do we have events in January?  Good question, much discussed on the email lists…)

We had made heraldic banners for the ends of tables (Lochac, Rowany and Okewaite) as well as some painted wall-hangings of rural village scenes from the Luttrell Psalter.  Many have worked on these, and they were finished by our wonderful temporary Okewaite members, Tig and Will.  Tig did some delightful acorn tokens too, a couple of days before the event.

From the ceiling we hung some very colourful personal banners from within our group.

The tables had tablecloths and purple runners, befitting the “purple event” theme.  The thrones were purple too.

The food was ample, purple and interesting, with heraldic cut-outs in pastry and the like.  Both courses came out right on the scheduled time.  The feast steward was Lady Alys Dietsch from here, with help mainly from Lady Jocelyn and Lady Catherine from Polit.  The menu is in the PurpleBook (feast booklet; note that it’s in bifold printing order rather than page order!)

We pushed our luck a bit with some pastry crowns, bejewelled with glace cherries, filled with a berry fool.  Not sure whether Their Majesties got the mischief.  Perhaps they were baronial coronets?

We had a camelopard wander through the event.  Camelopard was the medieval name for a giraffe, as drawn by people who had never actually seen one.  Ours was white with round purple spots, with two people under it (Jochen and Anton).  We were planning also to paint the alpacas at the farm with purple spots, but didn’t quite get there!

Six local musicians played medieval music with great skill — they are keen to be involved again in future.

We had arranged for the local youth theatre to provide six acrobats — twelve turned up, and did some great juggling and gymnastics.  Their set-piece performance was really entertaining.  Later, they did some fire acrobatics displays.  Again, these kids had a great time and are keen to be involved in future.  The SCA provides a good opportunity for performance experience.

What else to mention?  After the investiture court, the cathedral bells were rung as people left the court, a nice touch but not all that audible for those still in the hall.

The Friday night at the Old Brewery was very pleasant, and again the musicians were in attendance.

The Sunday at the farm was frankly a bit hot, 37 degrees.  The meetings were in a shady grove and not too bad, but the heat did curtail some of the other activities.

We deliberately did not advertise this event in Goulburn, because Crown events have a lot of court and they’re not set up for newcomers.  That said, we had a few locals come along anyway, and they had a great time.

We’re pretty happy with the event.  It made over $3000, to be shared between Lochac and Okewaite.

Many thanks to our team in Okewaite, and our friends from other groups who helped us out.

The gallery photos were taken by Maeve, Tig and Maud — thanks for these.  If anybody has any more good ones, we’d be grateful.

Many people have commented to us in person that they really enjoyed the energy and good organisation of the event, and the food got high praise.  The acrobats from the Lieder Youth Theatre were very popular, and our local musicians also were well appreciated.  If anybody would like to make a comment here, we’ll compile them and circulate them to the group.

Thanks also to the attendees for making it a very successful event (from our perspective) even in the heat.


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  • 1. Lynn  |  January 19, 2010 at 1:10 am

    We were a few of the ‘locals’ who turned up at St Saviours on Saturday to watch our daughter, Iglesia of St Florian de la Riviere, compete in the rapier tournament. As you say – it was VERY hot, and not at all conducive to medieval sports and clothing which originates from much colder climates. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sidelines to watch, also providing accomodation for the team from Queensland’s St Florians and Riverhaven – it was great to catch up! The exhibition matches were fascinating. We appreciate why the event was not advertised locally, but must say that St Saviours was a very appropriate venue. All the best for future events Okewaite!


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