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The Barking Beast Tavern

For good company over the Easter break, come to the Barking Beast tavern on Easter Friday.

A medieval tavern with silly songs, tasty pub food, and a few fun activities to go with the theme.

You are welcome from 1pm, and we’re hoping to have sociable archery, fencing and heavy combat training for those interested.  Dinner will be about 6pm, then songs and chats around the campfire from about 8pm and wander off when you want.

BYO alcohol, chair and a rustic-style bowl, goblet, spoon and knife. There will be children’s activities.

Some bedrooms, crash space and camping available for $5 (covers breakfast) – BYO bedding.


76 Barkers Lane, Yarra NSW (near junction Hume & Federal highways;
ignore your GPS if it says to come via Parkesbourne Rd)

Friday, 30 March 2018

$20 – Adult Members,
$15 – Concession,
Free – Under 16s.
Add $5 each if not SCA members

Contact Cristoval (rhysh@webone.com.au )


**The Barking Beast (Beast Glatisant) is a camelopard from Arthurian legend.  A camelopard is a long-necked beast usually native to Aethiopia (where it eats acacias) and Okewaite (where it eats the acorns from the very tops of oak trees).**

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A Taste of the Middle Ages — Sat 1 July — Mittagong


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The Tudor Feast — Sat 6 Aug 2016 — Goulburn


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A Taste of the Middle Ages — Sat 26 Sep 2015 — Mittagong

Have you ever wanted to be a knight? Or a seamstress?  How about a brewer?

This event is for people interested in trying out the SCA.  There will be an excellent medieval feast, as well as displays of medieval crafts and various aspects of our medievalist life.

feast jpeg

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Misrule ! Sat 9 May 2015, St Saviours Cathedral Hall, Goulburn

In medieval villages there was often an annual festival where everything was turned upside down and the person who selected a cake with a bean in it became the Lord of the Manor for the day.

“Misrule” is such a feast for Okewaite.  The King and Queen, Barons and Baronesses are very welcome, but will be on the low table rather than the high one.  So this event is about fun rather than ceremony; we hope you will join us.

Sometimes nothing is as it appears...

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Pot Luck and A&S — Sun 19 April 2015

This event is at John and Sharen’s house in Goulburn.  Please email for the address as it is a private residence.

From 3pm there will be Arts and Sciences activities.  Work on your own or group projects and have a good natter; sometimes there is a guest Laurel from another group.

Around 5.30 to 6pm we have a Pot Luck dinner.  This means everyone brings something to share — some bring actual medieval dishes, others bring a roast chicken, some cheese or a loaf of bread.

If you’re an SCA membership the event is free, and otherwise you have to buy an event membership for $5 which goes straight to the insurance company.  So much better to join the SCA for $30 online  and remember to list any children there (which is free).

These events finish about 8pm as many of us have work the next day.

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