Campfire cooking — Sat 2 November

“On Ilkla Moor” is Okewaite’s signature event, where we go from (very) raw materials all the way to completed medieval dishes — and you get to help cook.

It’s great fun, and afterwards there’s plenty of mead and bullshit and song around the campfire.

In the afternoon, we’re inviting the Goulburn Bowmen and anyone else to come for a shoot, and there will be an archery competition with a prize.

During the day, we’re repairing and creating armour.  If you can drive an anvil, a sewing machine or a welder, or you can cut/rivet/strap/paint, you can help Okewaite become the fearsome fighting force it always deserved to be.

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Preparation for 12th Night

We have been very busy of late finishing our decorations for the hall for the Feast and Merriment that will be 12th Night. A number of items need to be finished off before the feast, here is a sample so far of our completed banner, only 12 more to go!



Twelfth Night is a major event of the year in the Kingdom of Lochac, as he new King and Queen of Lochac will be crowned at this event. The Canton of Okewaite has been blessed with honor of conducting the event for the Kingdom in 2014.

We are planning a day of games, activities and events before the feasting on the Saturday evening. Sunday games and activities will also be conducted to honor the new King and Queen.

Sat, January 11, 2014, 9 am till Sunday the 12th at 6 pm

Venue: Kenmore Hall, 209 Taralga Road, Goulburn.

Direct questions about the feast too Steward: Rhys Howitt (Master Cristoval),


Normal price $77 members , $82 non members to 1 Jan 2014.

At the door, if there is room, is $88 members, $93 non members.

Under 14 free, concessions are $20 discount on the ticket price.

For Bookings to Margaret of Alt Mohr please, to

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Spring War!!!

A number of members traveled to the Barony of Mordenvale to attend Spring War on the October long weekend.  Master Cristoval, Lady Alys Dietsch, Lady Bella Rose arts and Science classes including how to make better bacon, telling better stories, quails and Greece, and of course war!

Lady Bella Rose attended War as a water bearer, saving many a knight and herald from thirst!

Some selected pictures courtesy of Lady Bella Rose.



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Revel and Leet Court – Sunday 28th July 2013

Please join us on Sunday 28th of July for our Leet Court.

What is Leet Court?

Its our group’s formal meeting. We will discuss all important aspects of what the group is up to, finances, upcoming events, who has the best mead…

In addition we will be starting to paint the hunting scene banners for 12th Night. All hands on deck for this one! Don’t feel you can paint? Don’t worry come along anyway and bring your own project to work on.

To round the evening off we will be having a medieval Pot Luck dinner.

What is a ‘pot luck revel’?

A Pot Luck Revel is when we all get dressed in our best garb, light the candles, and bring food and drink to share with the group. We make the feast as a team and enjoy it like a Medieval household would have enjoyed it. If you need ideas of what to bring please contact me on or many of you have my details on the book of faces.

Where:  Girl Guides Hall,  Victoria Park,  Faithful St,  Goulburn

When:  3pm – 8pm Sunday 28th July

Cost:  $5 members and non member – children,  $10 non member adults

Hope we see you all there!


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Twelfth Night – 11-12 January 2014

Twelfth Night is a major event for the Kingdom of Lochac.  The new King and Queen of Lochac will be crowned.

Venue: Kenmore Hall, 209 Taralga Road, Goulburn.

Steward: Rhys Howitt (Master Cristoval),

Cost:  $77 members, $82 non-members.  At the door, if there is room, is $88/$93. Day rate (no food) $40/$45.  Under 14 free, concessions are $20 discount on any price.

Bookings to Margaret of Alt Mohr please, to

For event details (timetable, directions etc) please download:  Okewaite_12thNight_2014

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Back from Festival

The Rowany Festival, over Easter, is the biggest national event for the SCA.  It was held at Glenworth Valley near Gosford.

We had a great time this year.  The highlight was our Friday Night Feast, where we invited the Rowany Seneschal, the volunteer St John Ambulance people, and a stack of other guests to our campsite.

All of the food was cooked over the campfire: sizzling geese, luscious ducks, meatballs disguised (not so well) as golden apples, our own bread, several vegetable dishes, topped off with a 14th-century cheesecake (pronounced delicious) and a fig and raisin dessert.  One visitor said that it was the best feast she’d had in her SCA career, not bad considering the vagaries of campfire cooking!

The goose and duck carcasses were loaded into our biggest cauldron, to make a wonderful soup for the next day — which we kept going for each subsequent day.  It was delicious.

We’ve all come back with renewed enthusiasm, with lists of great projects and a commitment to getting some SCA combat happening in Goulburn.  If anyone can give us a hand with these, please contact Lady Alys the Seneschal.


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On Ilkla Moor — 1 Dec 2012

Our signature event is “On Ilkla Moor”, a campfire cooking event where we go directly from original medieval recipes.

We’ll have some equestrian activities too.

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